Thursday, October 28, 2010


Lowes: Let's build something together.
Well we generally go to Home Depot, but found a moment where it was necessary to go to Lowes.
It happens.

We brought all three kids with us.
That was fun.
We didn't have enough hands for a cart so Bear and Lyon ran free.
They found an empty, uh er, I don't know what it would be called, but it had wheels and was light enough for them to push.
Lyon climbed on and Bear pushed him around, running up and down Lowes aisles.
Bear couldn't see where he was going and it wasn't long before he crashed into a pole.
The crash sent Lyon flying and sent Bears head bumping hard into the "cart".
That was the end of their shenanigans.
Fortunately they weren't hurt too badly.

As for us, we went out the wrong door after making our purchase and ended up having to walk all the way around Lowes to get to our truck.
We gave the kids a ride with the board, so they wouldn't be bored.

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