Friday, October 29, 2010

New glasses

Somebody called me sir the other day.
I haven't been mistaken for a boy since I was a senior in high school and shaved my head and had a tendency to wear baggy athletic wear.

And, um in case you were wondering, I am a woman, a MRS, a MAM!!!

I got some brand new glasses, it was my first day wearing them.
I wouldn't consider being called sir a good sign about the attractiveness of my new glasses.

In the guy's (who referred to me as sir) defense he barely glanced at me before calling me sir.
What was it that brought about his mistake?
Was it the new glasses?
Have I made George Costanza's mistake and gotten new glasses that don't belong to my gender?
Or maybe it was my unruly bangs hanging in my face, that does seem to be the latest in male hair trends.
Perhaps it was simply a slip of tongue and what he meant to say was:
"You SIR-tainly are gorgeous in those glasses!"

Yeah, that is definitely what he meant, lol ;D


Briann said...

maybe he needs new glasses? You look so cute in those! I would totally get some like those!

The Mecham Family said...

Cute post! You look adorable!

Stephanie said...

Rose you are so super cute!!

Katina said...

I agree, HE needs glasses! You look totally hip and cool! Thanks for commenting on BFF over at Shell's! Following you! BTW I wonder will my insurance pay for a facial if I tell them that it is the cure for eye twitching?

Katina said...

Ok so now I must need new glasses! Can't figure out how to follow you! Help a sista out!