Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Photography

What can I say,
Superman has a nice SLR camera.
He is good at the whole family photography sort of thing.
Or at least the camera part.
I think I am pretty good at the whole family photography location and setup.
Together we take good family photographs.
That is of course my own opinion, lol, if you don't like em so be it.

You may have noticed that Superman is in a lot of these photos, and so am I.
So who did the family photography?
I already told you, Superman and myself.
He set up the camera and the tripod.
I organized (as best as can be done with little ones) then Superman set the timer,
ran to join me and the kids, and we yelled happy birthday, apple, and cheese at the camera hoping desperately that the kids would at least look in that general direction.
Despite the muddy (we were in an orchard and there was a whole lot of mud)
predicament that our shoes were in, and soon enough Lyon's hands were in.
I think the pictures turned out pretty good.
Notice the one in the top corner with me and the kids,
Bear is looking at his elbow.
He scraped it on the tree, it hurt, and it started to bleed.
To Bear blood means the absolute worst thing imaginable,
and thus was brought to all out bawling.
We finished as fast as we could and made a B line for the exit.
Wam, Bam, thank you Mam.
We got'er done.