Friday, November 19, 2010

The project

We've been working on a project.
Well mostly Superman has been working on a project.

Finishing our basement.

We are so close, just the last few touches left.

We are tired, hurting, and sore. 
The carpet is coming and Superman is having surgery next week.
Oh yeah, Thanksgiving is next week too.
We are hosting it for a few members of my family.

Yeah, those last few things left to do on our project need to be done like yesterday.
There is too much going on all at the same time.
Both Superman and myself are getting on edge.
Ornery, irritable, snappy, and did I mention we are tired.
It has been a long road to travel down.
And now as we have almost reached our destination we realize that the last stretch is a cliff that we have to climb in our injured sorry state.
My wrists are so sore from painting I can barely even type this.
So stiff and numb, though thankfully it is just my wrists that are numb 
and not a whole hand like Superman's with his  carpal tunnel.

I can see the finish line in the distance, and yet my will is wavering.
I keep wanting to say, "Eh, we don't really need to do that, we can live without painting that."
But we can't so I carry on.

I am not complaining, no no, just explaining.
Explaining why my house (the upstairs) has gone to hell.
Piles of dishes on every surface, mountains of papers, floors in desperate need of sweeping and vacuuming.
I've been putting all of the time, I would normally spend on those things, on the basement.
I've been washing paint spills instead of dishes, I've been mopping the concrete floor 
(so it is clean when we install the carpet) 
instead of mopping my kitchen floor.  
I've been vacuuming every crevice in the basement,  instead of vacuuming my living room.
I've been getting my workout by rolling paint instead of yoga and aerobics.
I'm telling you my back has never gotten such a good workout.

And with all of that,
I am thankful.
I am so thankful that we have the motivation (eh), determination, and ahem money to finish our basement.
We'll make it.
Though straggling, starved, and dehydrated, we will cross our finish line.

And I'm grateful ;D

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