Thursday, November 18, 2010


I like Twizzlers.
I prefer the original, strawberry licorice.
My kids saw these brightly colored Twizzlers and begged me to get them.
I gave in and got em.

I figured that these Twizzlers although full of artificial coloring, they would probably be tasty.
I thought wrong.
These Twizzlers were full of artificial coloring and tasted awful!
Like plastic, bleh!

Not only were the Twizzlers awful tasting, they ended up in some very awful places.
My paper shredder.
I don't know what my daughter was doing, do we ever know?
There she stood, bawling, because her Twizzler was stuck.

I was fortunately able to get the licorice out the next day.
In the mean time I vowed to never buy those yucky Twizzlers again.


For those of you that are worried about my baby girls tiny little fingers being so close to the opening of a paper shredder.  No worries.
My paper shredder will not turn on unless a certain light switch (located four feet off the ground) is turned on.  Not only that, my paper shredder has a special safety feature, it stops the second anything warm touches the silver lining around the opening.
Her fingers were quite safe and unharmed.
And I am grateful for that.

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The Mecham Family said...

I was TOTALLY worried about her fingers!! haha