Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No, I've never been homeless and I shop at Ikea and Wal-mart...

....Does that make me a jerk or something?

So here is my story:

This was last week.

Superman and I have finally finished building our basement.
With all the extra space we were needing some items to aid with organization.
So I went to Ikea.
Now the closest Ikea located to our home, located in city "A", is roughly 60 miles away.
I'll call the city it is located in city "B".
I made the drive.
Naturally I spent several hours walking around and shopping in Ikea.
Thus it was late by the time I purchased my items and left.
Before I went to Ikea I had dropped my kids off at my Mom's house.
She lives in city "C".
City "C", is about 30 miles from my house in city "A".
When I dropped my kids off I was a little worried that Sissy would have a hard night as she had molars coming in.  So I decided that I ought to stop at Wal-mart on my way home to get some Tylenol in case Sissy needed it.
So driving back from Ikea I got off the freeway in city "C", to go to their local Wal-mart.
Incidentally, the Wal-mart is not located right off of the freeway.
In fact it is several twist, turns, and miles from the freeway.
It wasn't out of my way as this was the city my Mom lives in.
So I got to Wal-mart, and proceeded to shop.
Completely forgetting about the Tylenol and instead buying Thanksgiving dinner items I was going to be needing that week.
With all my items piled high in my cart I headed out to my truck.
It was already weighted down with Ikea stuff, it was going to be quite a task to load up the groceries I had, but I went ahead with it.
As I went about my business I was approached from behind.
"Excuse me maam?"
I turned around to see a young man standing about twenty feet behind me.
He looked to be about nineteen, with only a hoodie jacket on.
Hood pulled up.
His look was very reminiscent of my nineteen year old brother.
I listened to the kid as he forlornly explained the helpless state he had found himself in.
"Hey I was wondering if you might be headed to city "D"?
 (a city located a few miles south of where I was heading)
I was confused and asked him, "Huh?"
"Well," he said giving me puppy dog eyes.
"My brother, sister, her kids and I are trying to get home.  We are just on our way home from city "E" 
(a long ways away from city "C") 
and we've run out of gas.  We are just trying to get home.  We are just hoping to find a ride with someone heading that way."
I asked him where his sister and brother were.
He told me they were in the store keeping the little kids warm and that he felt so stupid going around asking for help but that they didn't have any other choice.
I asked him if they had a phone, he said they had a cell phone and had been trying to get ahold of family.
I asked him how old the little kids were, he said 3 and 1.
He had hold of my heart strings.
But still, I said to him, well how do I know that I can believe you?
You've got a questionable appearance and all.
Yes I really told him that, lol!
He just told me he knew how he looked and then reiterated how stupid he felt, 
but that they really needed help.
Now being me, being a woman all I could think about was that poor mom and her poor little baby kids.
It was freezing outside, and it was 10PM.
I took pity.

Stay tuned.
I'll finish this story tomorrow ;D

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Dan/Kealy said...

Honestly! You can't keep stopping the story ;) I will definitely have to check back tomorrow!