Monday, November 29, 2010

We are not homeless.....but boy do I have a story to tell...

Superman and I, we have different beliefs.
I think mostly because:
A: I am a Woman 
B: He is not.
I tend to get more emotionally involved than he does.


Today I want to talk a little bit about being homeless or helpless.
This time of year has a tendency to bring out all sorts of  questionable "Creeps" and "Weirdos".
Notice the quotations there, keep them in mind.
You can't go anywhere without seeing some poor soul standing in the bitter cold with a sign that says something to the effect of:

-Give me your hard earned money because I am standing out here giving you puppy dog eyes-

Now first it must be said that I want to help EVERYBODY!!!!
No exaggeration.
I want to help these people, I would give them the coat off my back and the sandwich out of my hand.  But I hesitate to give money.  Money that may be spent in a manner that I don't see fit.  And yes I think I do get a say in how it is spent if it is MY (OR SUPERMANS) HARD EARNED MONEY!!!!!
But still I want to help and if I have an idea of where that money is going to be going:
Online everywhere you see that half the world needs a donation to pay for whatever tribulation they are facing (usually medical).  I have no problem with that and would like to donate to them all, but then I'd be the one asking for handouts wouldn't I.

Superman does not like me to give out money.
He does not like it when I donate to anything.
We pay our tithing (10% of all the money we bring in goes straight to the church of Jesus Christ of LDS), and not just that, we always pay extra.
Superman feels like that is doing our part, as far as cash and money goes.
(If you don't know, the "mormons" LDS are very charitable)
And when I am really thinking clearly about it, I agree, until I see those puppy dog eyes, 
or hear that heart breaking 
"We ran out of gas and we have no money and we just want to get home" 
sob story.
Then I have to refrain from emptying my wallet for a stranger.

I don't think this is heartless, I don't think I am being selfish.
Not in the slightest.
And I'll tell you why....
Boy have I got a story to tell.

A story that Superman HATES!!!
And that scares him to death!!!
And that I never should have told him, but did because I thought it was funny, lol!
So stay tuned for tomorrows story :D


blueviolet said...

Talk about a teaser!!!!

Shell said...

Yes, such a tease!

Worthy Family said...

I'm the same way. I always want to help EVERYBODY!!! It is so hard. That is why we stick to donating at Church, adopting a family during the know. Because just giving someone money......they don't really want or a lot of the time NEED the help. We work hard for what we have!

Anonymous said...

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