Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas tree decorations

We put up our Christmas tree last night.
Well I helped my kids put it up.
I hauled our fake tree up the stairs and set it up in the front window.

I have a whole box of Christmas tree decorations.
Of those Christmas tree decorations I only planned to put up the lights.

I got the lights up, with a whole lot of "help" from Lyon, Fenix, and Bear.
Then while I tried to figure out why the top strand of lights weren't working, Bear and Lyon went downstairs and found the box of Christmas tree decorations.
"Mom, can we put on the candy canes?"
"Alright go ahead."

They hung the candy canes and Fenix ate about six of them in the process.
Thus she was quickly covered from head to toe in sticky.
She needed a bath.

So while I gave her a bath Bear and Lyon went nuts with the Christmas tree decorations.
Some of the decorations they put on the tree weren't even Christmas tree decorations at all.
They had so much fun decorating all by themselves that I didn't mind.
They laughed and smiled and were so excited in a way only a kid can be.

It was fun for me to see my boys like that.
Brought back a lot of my own childhood memories.

I could have corrected them and told them the tree looked weird and that I'd need to "fix" it.
But what for, so I could break their hearts.
Naw, I told them it is the most beautiful tree we've ever had.

And I meant it!


Briann said...

so so cute!

Amy said...

It IS beautiful...glad they had so much fun!

Christine:) said...

What a sweet tree! I think your family did a great job on it;)

You won my giveaway for the silver stamped jewelry- see my site for more details:) Congratulations!

T~T said...

YOU are one amazing mom!!! I'm way to OCD to let that happen!! I wish I could lighten up more!

Dan/Kealy said...

I love it!