Monday, January 24, 2011

Animals in my pantry, drinking soda!!!

 I went to get a soda out of my pantry.
I reached in the box to pull one out.
I grasped hold of a chilly can my hand squeezed just enough to lift the soda out of the box.
As I did so the can dented inward and soda sprayed out of the can and all over my hand and the box.
I was confused to say the least.
At first I thought that maybe the can had frozen, expanded, and cracked the can.
But, suppose there was an animal in my pantry that had caused the can to leak!
Investigation was necessary.

I pulled the entire box of soda out of the pantry and placed it on my kitchen work table.
Slowly I ripped the box open taking out one can at a time.
I didn't find any small animals.
RELIEF, flooded through my veins.
I looked closely at the can leaking its sweet nectar.

There in the side of the can I found the springs source.
Two small holes in the side of the can.
What were they!!??
Spider fangs, snake fangs, mouth teeth or claws, some other unknown....
I scouted around the pantry looking for tell tale signs of any animal residence.
Droppings, skins, webs...

I stood staring at the box of sodas, wondering if I ought to throw them all away.
I mean if an animal had been crawling all over them the last thing I wanted was to be sharing them.
As I thought the situation over I glanced at the box.
Something caught my eye.
I looked a little closer.
Two little holes.

So whatever it was had gone through the box and into the can.
I thought, and thought, and thought.

There was only one animal that could have done this.
But it just didn't seem possible.
I questioned, I hypothesized, I tested.

"Bear?  Do you know what happened to my soda?"


"You don't have any idea where it might have gotten these holes in the box?"

"Well I poked one of those poke things in it, but just the box.  I didn't do anything to the soda."


I don't know exactly what the "poke thing" was, perhaps a wall staple, but one thing is certain:
There was an animal in my pantry,
and it was Bear.

I can live with that.

I opened a new can of soda and drank it down.

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