Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am certain that I have guardian angels, and they aren't a fan of my shoes...

I am pretty certain that I have a small group of guardian angels.
And I am also pretty sure that they don't like my shoes.
Especially in the winter time.

They don't like that I have tall boots,
although these boots do keep out the snow
They have absolutely no traction and no insulation.

They don't like that I have darlingly gorgeous pumps.
With high heels, and of course no traction
they are pretty much a death trap to wear when it is snowy.

And yet,
I wear these kind of shoes to church every sunday.
And my guardian angels, I'll tell you what,
they make sure I make it to church safe and sound.
While sending me a message,
via small slips that bruise up my shins,
to stop wearing such stinkin shoes. 

I of course remedy my bruised shins by covering them up.
Via tights, long dresses, or of course my tall boots.

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