Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The answer is an honest yes :)

Yes I am pregnant. 
 Due in November actually.

I know what some of you are thinking,
 I thought you said you were done having kids. 
 Well apparently not, lol! 
 This was NOT an accidental or surprise pregnancy. 
 Superman and I made a mutual decision, or rather I told him and he said okay. 
Well there is more to it than just that.
Here's the story:

For the last several months I'd be out and about with my kids and as they'd wander, 
I'd look about for them,
 catch them with my eyes and count them off one by one.

It happened every time.
Where is the other one?

And then I'd realize that I didn't have another one.
I'd shrug it off figuring that it was only because I got used to having extra kids back when I used to babysit.
Though that was several years ago.....

Anyway I ignored those feelings of missing one child.
Then I was overcome with thoughts of names for another child and birth dates.
Shrugging those off too.
Silly Rose you don't need to have any more children.
So I told myself over and over.

I became adamant about not having more when the thoughts came more frequently.
Maybe I was going crazy, who knows.

And then one day I decided,
Okay I'll give it one try, just one.
I didn't want to.

I didn't want to be pregnant again.
Just the thought of nursing again makes me want to cry.

Once the decision was made,
the overwhelming thoughts stopped.
I didn't look for my other child anymore.

There was only one thing left to do.
Convince Superman to try for one more baby.

Superman has been happy, settled, done.
He had no urges for more children.
At least as far as I know.
He said all the time that our family is complete.

So I gathered my wits and told him,
"Phil we are going to try for another baby, just once."

I am not sure what he thought about that.
He told me we'd need to talk about it some more.
I told him the above story and somehow, miraculously he agreed to help me out, lol!

I was still really worried about the whole thing.
I know it was Heavenly Father hinting to me that I needed to have another.
But with my history of not getting pregnant very easily I was pretty sure that I wouldn't end up pregnant.

I thought I'd get away with it too.
But Heavenly Father knows better than me doesn't he.

Superman and I tried once (okay twice) but with-in the same 24 hours.
So I think that counts as once.

Just once.

I didn't do anything to make getting pregnant easy.
I wasn't taking a pre natal vitamin.
I didn't elevate my feet.
I was drinking a lot of caffeine, lol!
I didn't try at all other than the one and only action.

Weeks past.
I was nervous, apprehensive, wide eyed and worried.
I was sure I wasn't pregnant, but then again.....

Finally the day arrived that would tell me what I wanted to know.

I took a pregnancy test and sure enough.

I didn't know what to think.
I was a little bit shocked.
Though I shouldn't have been.
Superman said he wasn't the least bit surprised.

Go figure, we are both happy.
Now we've just got to come up with a name.....

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The Mecham Family said...

I think you are right, The Big Man in charge just had to convince you :-) very happy for you!