Thursday, April 21, 2011

Understanding a three year old

This is Lyon, he is 3.

He is my middle child.
When my new baby is born I figure there will no longer be a middle child,
nice :D

For now Lyon is my favorite middle child.
He makes me laugh all of the time.

In the last week he has told me several times that he has another family.
His other dad is named "Stupid"
His other baby is named "Cute"
His other mom is named "Rose"
He never mentions another brother so I guess he must not have one in his "other family".

I don't know where this came from, this other family, but it is funny to hear him talk about them.
Especially the fact that days can go past without him talking about them, but when he starts talking about them again nothing changes.
He uses all of the same names and details.
It really shouldn't surprise me that he remembers, but it does.

One of the things I love most about Lyon is his expressive eyes.
He has got these big brown eyes, when he talks they get really wide and serious.
When he laughs or smiles or is being silly they squint into crescent moons.

Lyon loves to sneak my camera and take pictures.
I'm always finding random pictures that he has taken on my camera.
He loves to have me take a picture of him doing something silly and then he wants me to show it to him.

Lyon loves Scooby-doo.
Watching that show with all the monsters makes for one frightened child at night,
and yet its all he wants to watch.

Lyon is very passionate.
When he needs attention he goes out of his way to get it from you.
Though he is often misunderstood and ends up in time out.
It often takes me a while to figure out what it is he needs, 
but eventually I come around and he gets that attention he needs particularly from his Daddy.

I have found that being the middle child is tough, as far as getting attention goes.
Bear gets tons of attention due to him being the only child in our family in school.
Fenix gets tons of attention because she is potty training, 
and being so little and mobile she requires constant supervision.
So then there is poor little Lyon.
He isn't in school.
He isn't so little that I have to watch him always.
(unless he is out front)
He isn't involved in any programs at the moment since swimming ended.

So its up to me and Superman to make sure he gets enough attention.
It's not hard or anything.
The kid is cute and funny.
He is more than worth our time and attention.

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