Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apparently its genetic, I think...

Lyon man.
Lyon is my boy.
I made him, I birthed him, I have been raising him.
Somewhere along the line he has become exactly like me.


When he wants something and it doesn't go his way, look out.
It breaks my heart every single time he falls into despair over nothing.
I know it's not nothing to him,
I know he isn't looking at the big picture,
I know that he will be over it in a matter of minutes.
Seconds if he gets what he wants....

I know that this is a very hard way to live.


But I also know that Lyon has such a sweet and soft heart.
I know that he would do anything to protect those he loves.
I know that he cares more than most people about those around him.
I know that with the right attitude he can do anything.

He is smart.
He is courageous.
He is unstoppable.
He is amazing.

And because I know all of this I can teach him,
to look past little things and focus on big things.
I can teach him to choose what is important over what is not.
I can teach him to choose what will make him happy over what will not.

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Mom of 12 said...

He's a cutie!