Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Telling Time...

Bear has been learning how to tell time.
He has been learning about minutes and seconds.
He has also learned how to count to one hundred, and even two hundred 
a fact that he frequently brags about.

Me I think this is so awesome.
My boy is a genius right!
As a mom I'm aloud to think that about everything that my children do and accomplish ;)

So Bear can count and he knows about minutes.
He knows that there are 60 seconds in a minute.
And he knows that each number he counts, counts as a second.

Now being so smart he has come to realize that when I say,
"Just a minute"
He knows exactly how long that is.
So he counts to 60 and when he gets to 60 he tells me that my minute is up.

Being so smart he knows that when I say,
"Just a second"
That isn't long at all.
He only has to count to 1.

Me, apparently I need to learn.
I need to be smarter if I am going to be a mom of smart kids.
I need to learn to not say those phrases, lol!
I need to learn that even if I say,
"Just 5 more minutes"
Bear will count out those 5 minutes 
(he will count to 60 five times)
and he will be right on time when he tells me it has been 5 minutes.
And if I tell him,
"in a half hour"
He is going to ask me how many seconds are in a half hour.
And I am going to have to know.


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The Mecham Family said...

Haha. Bear is a smarty pants ;)