Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TV drivers...

I don't know why this drives me so crazy, but for some reason it just does.
You know how every now and then there is someone acting driving on a TV show.
My latest example being Arizona on Grey's Anatomy right before her and Callie's car crash.
What drove me nuts is that Arizona hardly even glanced at the road she was driving on.
Of course she isn't really driving, pretty sure its some kind of simulation stage or whatever.
Still she is supposed to be driving and when a person is driving they usually aren't staring at the person next to them instead of the road.
Maybe a quick glance here and there or a good long look when stopped at an intersection.
In real life when you stare at your passengers
while you are driving you end up crashing or nearly crashing.
Which I realize they do in this particular instance, but usually the scene ends without a collision....
You simply cannot drive when you aren't looking where you are going.
I always notice this when watching someone pretend to drive on TV.
I have to look away because it causes me such anxiety, lol!
It shouldn't bother me so much it really shouldn't, but it so does.
Better acting is necessary for the driving segments.
Thats all there is to it....

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The Mecham Family said...

I always laugh when they pretend drive...