Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh the drama!

Bear's tooth has been loose for what seems like months.
Wiggle, wiggle, wobble, wobble.
Yesterday at church he had to show his teacher.
Last week at the park, he had to show my friends.
I am sure these other girls/ladies love looking into my kids mouth....

So the other day at church, Bear wiggled and wiggled it.
He was certain he'd get it out while still at church.
Superman told Bear that he was not to let it fall out at church.
Due to the blood, it's something you really want to do at home....

He made it through church with tooth still intact. 

After church we went to lunch with my family.
My dad's sister was in town and when she is we get together for Sunday lunch/dinner.
We had a good, though crazy, visit.
And Bear announced to everyone who would listen
(if they weren't listening he made them)
that his tooth was loose.
Opening his mouth wide for them to see.

He made it through the lunch with tooth still intact.

After the lunch Superman and I headed over to my sisters house so our kids could play.
Bear wiggled and wobbled his tooth the whole way there.
When we got there the kids played and played,
for a half hour or so.
Then the harassment and adult pressure started up.

Having been pulled into the excitement of Bear losing his first tooth, 
everyone wanted to pull the tooth out, or at least witness it.
(So it seemed)

My sisters husband brought out the pliers.
That's when Bear started to get nervous.
I'm pretty sure he was about to cry.
I told Bear that Uncle Mike would pull one of his own teeth out with the pliers 
before he could pull out Bear's, 
you know to test and make sure it'd be okay.
I thought that would be the end of the pliers.
I think Bear did too.
Uncle Mike stood there pausing for a second, pliers still held up in his hand.
He got a serious thoughtful look on his face and walked away.
I thought I had made my point about the pliers being nerve racking.
Uncle Mike walked out of the room.

A few minutes later Uncle Mike came back.
Instead of pliers in his hand he had a small book.
The kind that holds pictures.
He flipped open the book to show us a picture.
There he stood in the picture, his 5-10 year old self,
 with a missing tooth, 
next to his dad who had pliers in his hand.
It was proof that he had experienced the pliers.
My point about the pliers melted away.

Bear still refused to even consider the pliers.
So we 
(my brother, sister, Superman, and Mike)
talked Bear into tying a string of floss around his tooth hooking the string to the door 
and then closing the door.
That age old technique.

He gave in.
Turns out it's hard to tie a string around a tooth.
After much trial and error, Superman and I managed to get it done.
(If you ever try this, tie the string to the door first)
There he stood.
String strung to the door.
We all watched in anticipation.
Our video's and pictures in the making.
Bear insisted on closing the door himself.
He closed the door.
He wasn't standing far enough back and he didn't close the door hard enough.
So I helped him take a step back.
I held him firmly in his place and when he pushed the door to close I added my own strength to it.
It did not work.
The string tied to his tooth simply untied and slipped off when being pulled.
Though Bear's tooth was still in his mouth, it was a bit looser.
Time had run out at my sisters house and it was time to go.

He made it through that visit with his tooth still intact.

To be continued.....

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I know my dad would always spray a little cloroseptic spray, the kind for sore throats, on our loose teeth and then pull with a plain old pair of pliers. Worked every time, good luck.