Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh the drama, continues...

After we left my sisters house we started our long but short trek from Orem to Mapleton.
Heading to my in-laws house, 
Supermans family's house, Grandpa Rick, and Grandma Larayne.
Now the thing you need to know about Grandma L is that she is something of a connoisseur 
when it comes to the art of tooth pulling.
People who know her bring their kids to her to have their teeth pulled.
Honestly its true, I've heard all the stories.

So knowing this Superman and I told Bear that if he didn't wiggle his tooth out 
before we got to Grandma L's house he could be sure 
he wouldn't leave Grandma's house with it intact.

We guaranteed it.
He stubbornly insisted otherwise.
He gets that stubbornness from me.

We arrived at our destination.
Bear's tooth still resided in his mouth.

We joined the family in the back yard and the family wasted no time in trying to convince
 Bear to pull his tooth out.  
Or more precisely to let Grandma pull it out.

Now Bear is my oldest child.
The first to have a loose tooth, and truth be told I really wanted to pull it out.
I pulled all of my own teeth out without any help, and if Bear was going to get help 
I really wanted to be the one he turned to.

He let us each take a turn wiggling it.
But when I really started to pull he started to cry.
Broke my heart.
His tooth didn't need to come out, not that day.
I wasn't going to make it something traumatic.

The only person Bear didn't let have a try yet was Grandma.

Now Bear is Grandma L's oldest grand child.
The first to have a loose tooth.
Being an expert at tooth pulling, of course she wanted to be the one to pull it.

We gave Bear a break, stopped bugging him and let him go off to play a little baseball.
But it wasn't long before the pressure started up again.
First we tried to get him to pull it out himself.
He just couldn't get it.

So we said,
"Come on Bear you didn't let Grandma have a turn.
Just let Grandma have a turn."

He let her.
But when she reached for the tooth Bear stopped her.
He cried.

A few minutes later we sat him down in the anti gravity chair.
Tilted him back and convinced him to let Grandma have one last try.
He was really nervous, but consented.

 I stood there unsure.
On the one hand I wanted to pull out his tooth, 
on the other hand I realized just how much more Grandma wanted to.

So I didn't stop her.
Neither did Bear.

This time he didn't get a chance.

Grandma reached for his tooth, and quick as could be she snatched that sucker out.

The tooth was delivered.
It was a momentous occasion.
There were cheers and tears of joy, and all was well with the world again.

Bear walked a little lighter, but a lot taller that night.
His tooth no longer intact.

The important thing to note is that Superman and I so totally told him so.

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