Monday, June 20, 2011

Of course this is to be expected, isn't it?? I mean because if it's not....

To say that I am under an unusually large amount of stress would be an understatement.
Preparing for a trip to California, 
Preparing for A LOT of family coming to town right after my trip,
Preparing to have our carpets cleaned and stretched,
Working way to hard all day and well into the night to get everything done that needs doing.
The flower garden.
The vegetable garden.
Finally painting my table.
And many other projects that have yet to be started and finished.

Every morning my body screams at me for abusing it so.

 I am all for hard work, but sometimes too much is too much.
Add in not nearly enough rest, not nearly enough hydration, and not nearly enough good meals.
Well all together it just plain old makes me want to barf.

So much to do so little time.
Now add in the fact that my darling sweet children cannot seem to do anything, 
or listen to anything I say or ask.
My daughter who only wants me to hold her.

It's enough to make a grown man cry...

Now add to all of that:
One of my neighbors yelling at my 6 and 3 year old boys.
For hitting a few balls over our back fence.
Just out right yelling at them when I am not in sight.
Superman and I were right inside the door working on dinner.
Superman hears yelling and asks me if someone is yelling at our kids.
I step into the doorway and sure enough, there is a grown man yelling at my kids.

Now I can understand being irritated about neighbor kids.
I've had many little ones pulling at my trees, break the branches, 
strip the branches of their leaves in my front yard.
I am pretty sure almost every kid in my neighborhood has tromped through my flower garden.
I am not worried about it.
If I see them doing it,
I kindly, but firmly ask them:
"Oh dear, please stay out of the flower garden."

I'm not yelling at them.
I am not freaking out about it.
Sometimes" kids will be kids" is just a plain old FACT.
There is a certain point where that fact is surpassed and no longer can be applied to the situation,
but plants and balls is hardly there.

Now had I not had experience with adults yelling at little kids I might not be so irritated about this.
I might have turned to Superman and told him,
"Holy crap that guy needs to get laid!"
And then hustled my children inside for dinner.

But when I was little I was yelled at by adult neighbors.
And it doesn't feel good.
So (without yelling) I told the guy that I would do my best to keep my children from hitting anything over the fence.  That in fact I had been doing my best.  I then apologized to him (without groveling).
He couldn't leave it at that, he went on to tell me that I needed to be a better parent.
He tried to throw at me that his kids aren't out there hitting balls into our yard.
I couldn't even believe it.
I stood there with my mouth open not even able to utter a word,
though I'll tell you I had plenty that I wanted to say to him.
If you knew this neighbor you might know exactly what I am talking about when I say this guy has absolutely no room to be complaining about a few balls...

It was quite clear that this guy was trying to pick a fight.
So I go back to my original thought.

Holy crap that guy clearly needs to get laid!!!

So yeah, I am a lotta bit stressed out.
So this is how I am coping.
I'm sending my stress out into this world wide web where it can be lost in the shuffle.
Be absorbed.
Be forgotten.
And out of my system.

Tomorrow I will write about being invisible.
Turns out it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Blogging for therapy, lol!
I think so :D

PS-For those of you who are wondering which neighbor I am talking about, I am not going to say names, but I will say that this neighbor is NOT the neighbor that lives to the south of us.
No, we really like that neighbor.


Terl Obar said...

As the neighbor to the south, I can guess who it was and I knew it wasn't me. :) Your kids almost spend as much time in my yard as they do in yours.

We live in a Zoo! said...

Well your yard is a LOT cooler than mine, lol! I'll tell you though, they spend the most time out in front ;D

The Mecham Family said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least you have some crazy story to blog about! I think you should go buy a pack of those plastic ball pit balls and dump them over his fence one night... hahahahahahahahahahahaha