Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The power of invisibility...

I've discovered that more often than not
I am invisible, and apparently voiceless as well.....

My children don't see me.
My husband doesn't see me.
They don't hear me either.

It's really difficult to get them to notice I am around.
At least when I really need them to notice.
It's becoming clear that talking on my phone is the best way for me to get their attention.
This unfortunately is not the best time for my kids to suddenly notice I am around.
They have a tendency to begin demanding all sorts of thing from me.

They especially notice me at dinnertime.
Fenix wants me to hold her,
the boys want my attention.
And I am almost always the last to finish my meal
because I am up and down getting this or that for him or her.

But should I ask them a question
Or tell them something important
Perhaps ask them to do a chore
Or ask Superman a question
Their lack of notice can only mean one thing:
I am invisible and voiceless.

This whole invisibility business has been adding to my stress level.
I mean how can I possibly 
when nobody can hear or see me when I need them to?

The power of invisibility sucks for a stay at home mom.

The power of flight on the other hand, now that would rock.
I mean just to get off my feet for a few minutes during the day...

Yeah, I'd trade invisibility for flying any day.


The Mecham Family said...

Oh Rose. I'm sorry :( You are the most important person in their lives! I'm sorry they are taking you for granted.

angeline said...

I hear ya! I think it's the curse of every stay at home mom to feel like this at least once a month. I always whine to my husband so that at least he pays attention to me once he realizes. Hope things get better...

Worthy Family said...

I feel this way quite often as well. People thing being a stay at home Mom is so glamorous. But, not having interaction with anyone but your kids day in and day out...can really take a toll on you!