Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reading aloud vs. Listening to audio tapes...

I love to read, I love to read quietly to myself.
I also love to listen to audio books. 
Well there are certain ones I love because the reader has such a good voice.
Last time my husband and I drove to San Diego, somehow I ended up reading *Twilight* to him. 
 I don't really remember why, he didn't care to hear it. 
But I think I wanted him to know what it was about.  
So while he was trapped in the car driving I serenaded him with words of Bella and Edward....

It ended up working out great!  
Like awesome!  
It made our trip sooooooo much better! 
 I was busy, my eyes focused on the book.
 Therefore I wasn't freaking out the whole drive and telling Superman how to drive. 
We didn't argue and I was in relatively good spirits the whole way there. 
 I think I managed to read the whole thing in the time it took to drive there and then back, or maybe just there and maybe I read New Moon on the way back I don't remember for sure....
So now we are planning another drive down to San Diego.
 This time with our kids. 
Sure we could get the audio books, 
but it goes so much better when I am preoccupied during these long treks. 
I just can't seem to handle the stress otherwise...
So I am hoping,
really really hoping,
that my kids will allow me to read aloud.
That they will actually listen.
That I won't suddenly become invisible and mute.
I'm hoping...


The Mecham Family said...

I think it is a fantastic idea!!

Ryan Scott Miller said...

Yeah, Beth would have thrown up. She's no good with read in the car. She can't turn around to take care of the kids for too long with her getting nausea. However, we've done the book on tape thing, or even better Audible!!! I just finished Atlas Shrugged...60+ hours. Listened on my drives to & from work.