Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are you intrigued...

Well you ought to know by now that I love a good intrigue :D
Besides how else can I get people to visit my blog, lol!

So we have a new baby joining our family.
It's not what I said I wanted.
It is what Superman wanted.
And well he is the head of the household and does bring home the bacon, so...

So I have come to accept it.
And truth be told I am a whole lot happier than I thought I'd be about it.
At this point it is absolutely impossible to hide it so there is no keeping it a secret and I might as well get it out into the open for all to know.

Are you ready,
Are you really really ready for this?

We just got a
Brand New Truck!!!

As much as I wanted a van,

I've decided this is a whole lot better.

Hotter too.

What do you think, does it look good on me?

And yes it makes me feel:
a little queasy, nauseated, light headed, dizzy, anxious, scared, and at the same time really excited!

Queasy and nauseated
because it's gonna cost a lot of money.

Light headed and dizzy
because I just can't believe it.

Anxious and scared
again because of the money.

really excited for obvious reasons 

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