Friday, July 15, 2011

To the beach...

We went all the way to California just for the beach.
We actually went to the beach all of three times.
We actually played in the sand and waves twice.
I really wish we had gone more, but it's my own fault.
I insisted that I did NOT want to go to the beach on Saturday and Sunday.
I was sure it would be way to packed to be able to enjoy it.

So we went to the beach.
Our first beach adventure was at La Jolla (pronounced "la hoy-ya")
After driving around for an hour we found the beach,
then after another hour we found an awesome parking spot.
We simply had to get out of the truck and walk down some stairs to stand at the oceans very edge.
*I was in heaven*

First thing was first.
I wanted to build a sand castle with my kids.
It wasn't the most fantastical sand castle ever built, but we built it together.
Of course Lyon and Fenix lost interest very quickly.
They loved bringing buckets of water up from the ocean to pour onto the dry sand.

It wasn't long before we ventured into the waves.
The water was brrrrrr, so cold.
I stepped into the water as it smoothly slid up the sand, licking it with its cold and brazen tongue.
I immediately thought it was way too cold to swim in.
Still the waves were calling to us and one by one we fell into the oceans spell.
I think Superman is the only one who didn't actually swim.
Though he did take our kids and helped them to swim with the waves as they rolled in over their heads.
As for me, I took the plunge.
I walked out into the far reaching waist deep water waiting for just the right wave.
The water built up into white screaming hills, grasping out desperately for the dry land.
I caught hold of it racing with it as it tumbled into nothing.
Again and again.
I used up all my strength all my energy.
And when I had nothing left the ocean kept right on going.

I would have loved to stay until sunset, but stomachs and kids don't allow for that kind of thing.
We left the beach with smiles on our faces,
the hot smell of our skin burning,
and a sadness in our hearts that will live there until we find ourselves at the waters edge again.

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Merfy said...

La Jolla is my favorite beach in CA! I love to take my kids there, but secretly if they hated I would go anyway because it is my happy place!