Friday, July 22, 2011

Did I ever mention...?

You ought to know by now that we have a new truck.
What you may not know by now is why.

Well the story goes like this:
We drove to San Diego, California.
We drove our white, Ford, bi-fuel, truck.

Superman loves/loved that truck.
He loves that it is bi-fuel.
More specifically he loves natural gas.
Me, I think natural gas stinks.

Superman insisted on driving it because we would spend a lot less using natural gas.
Well the problem with natural gas is it does not give your car/truck as much power as gasoline.
I begged Superman to just let us take our pontiac sedan.
I begged!
But he's the man and usually gets what he has decided he wants.
(Something that has proven time and again to be one of the things I love most about him)
So of course we drove the truck.

We left late afternoon on a Wednesday.
Our plan being to drive to Las Vegas, stay there for the night, 
and drive the rest of the way the next morning.
Between here and Las Vegas there are more than a few long tiring uphill hills.
Our bi-fuel truck huffed up them.
Again and again and again.
After a few of them our truck was pretty worn out.
Power and energy waning.

But we made it to Vegas all in one piece.
And after a nights sleep we headed out again in the hot hot morning sun.

As we drove along Superman mentioned to me several times 
that he thought there might be something not quite right with the trucks engine.
It just wasn't running the way it ought to be.
Well I don't do well with this kind of news when we happen to be in the middle of the mohave dessert.
I started to slowly panic.

We got off the freeway in a small town,
that I don't remember the name of,
to fill up with gasoline and natural gas.

Superman decided to check under the hood.
It wouldn't have taken an expert to see the problem.
There were a couple of hoses that had disconnected.

So he looked around for someone who could connect them.
We went to several different repair shops, and they all said the same thing.

"We are pussies and we don't dare to come anywhere near your 
natural gas truck as it might explode and kill us.  Waaaaaahaaaaaa!"

Or along those lines anyway.
Each time he heard that, Superman would roll his eyes and look for the next shop.
He finally found a place about a hundred miles away.
Our truck made it, without blowing up.

I was infuriated at this point.
The stress of the unknown doing me in.

Anxiety+stress+anger= one crazy lady

We reached the place not afraid to fix our truck.
While they fixed it, Superman took us to some sort of miniature theme park.
With an arcade, miniature golf, and miniature rides.
Had I not been crazy I would have been like:
"Kids check it out!!!  We have struck gold!!!  Woooohooooo!!!!" 
I wish that had been the case, but instead I walked around with a stick up my ass refusing to have fun.
How much of a bitch am I?

Well the truck got fixed easily and we made our way to and all around San Diego.
And then back home again.
And as we sat in traffic the last few miles to our house Superman announced to me that we were going to get a new vehicle.
I wasn't sure I really believed him,
but being the man who gets what he wants...
He followed through on that promise.
I'm grateful.



Rebecca said...

Seriously sounds like a nightmare. Car problems stress me out way more than they should! I would have been grumpy too!

Emily said...

whoa whoa the language Rose! :)
Sounds pretty bad. You're new truck is awesome! Lets take it for a ride soon!