Thursday, July 21, 2011

Naked people?

Yesterday I did a lot of driving around.
More than usual.
I'm thinking I am more motivated to drive around since I get to do it in a 
new vehicle.

So I was driving around a lot.
At dinner time, there were no plans to go anywhere.
Nothing to do except make dinner.
(which I did NOT want to do, 
making dinner has become so stressful 
I really would have rather died than cook)

Then by some God granted miracle I decided to listen to my voicemail.  
Something I don't do regularly because with my kids yelling at me, I can't hear a thing, 
which makes calling my voicemail often a waist of time.

But I called it, and I got a message from my motherinlaw,
she said to come to Ben's last baseball game which was in Salem.

I was like,
"Kids!  Get in the truck were going for another drive!  Woohoo!!!"

So off we went.
I thought I knew where I was going.
I was certain of it.
But when we were driving down some weird lonely road to no where I was like,
I mean I didn't want to get murdered in that strange place.
I mean that would be gross and scary.....

 I ended up calling my motherinlaw, got directions,
and finally found my way.

Now here is the interesting part that has me wondering about the town of Salem.
While we were lost I pulled up next to a gas station.
(incidentally I was headed in the right direction at that point)
It was a Chevron with a Burger King.
As I sat studying my google map,
 Bear exclaims,
"Whoa!  That guy is naked!"
I was naturally like, 
"What!  Where?"

I didn't see him.
I thought,
Oh, he probably just had his shirt off.  That isn't that uncommon.

I forgot about it, turned around, and got lost again.
Bear couldn't stop talking about this naked guy.
When he said,
"I just can't believe he was walking around with out even underwear on!"

I didn't know what to say so I just said,
"I know, crazy!"

Meanwhile I was freaking out a little bit.
That's when I was driving down that lonely road to no where in a town 
where guys walk into Burger King naked. 

What the hell do you do with information like that....
Clearly I blog about it...

Well we finally managed to make it to the ball game.
The naked guy sitting anxiously in the back of my mind.

We made it through the baseball game with out sighting another naked guy...

Somehow I was talked into going over to play at the salem pond park down the way.
Which proved to be a mistake of monstrously stinky proportions.
But that is another story.

The point is,
 I have a whole new perception of the city of Salem.

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