Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They say "you can't go home", but we did...

We headed home from San Diego early Wednesday morning.
After a few hours of driving we were surprised to see the traffic start to congest.
It wasn't long before traffic was at a complete standstill.
We were like, 
why here,
why now.
It seemed like a strange place for traffic to stop. 

After a few seconds of thought we decided it must be some sort of 
automobile accident.

We weren't surprised to find that we were right.

We were surprised to find that it was a single car at the top of the hill involved in the accident,
and even more surprised by the fact that it was engulfed in flames.
(It seriously was, I just didn't take my picture at the right moment.)

We were further surprised to find that said car has started the whole hillside on fire.

It was crazy,
we didn't even see or smell smoke until we'd reached the top of the hill.

We decided that the car must have overheated on it's way up the hill...

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