Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can you hear me?

Hear's the thing.
I am not good at hearing things.
I am not a sound remembering kind of person.
When it comes to songs, I can usually remember the gist of it, but rarely the words or even the melody.
It's the way I am.

Visually though...
I can remember images pretty dang well.
(Really it depends on the situation)

This is why I like text, email, and Facebook messages.
I can see them,
I can read them several times,
I can remember or pull up what was said later if I need to.
Conversations are great,
I like hearing tone of voice,
but gestures are more important for me when it comes to figuring out meaning etc...

So if you ever wonder why I'd much rather message than talk on the phone,
think visual.

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