Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The last day...

Our last day spent at the beach,
and Fenix only wanted to do one thing:

Pile the sand high on my chair.

And then brush it off.

Of course she wasn't like that the whole time that last day at the beach,
oh no.

At first all she wanted to do was stand out in the waves being held in Supermans arms.
The waves couldn't quite reach her, but she stood amidst their power just the same.

I stood by her on the beach for a while,
but she wanted to go out to her daddy.
So I watched as she made her way out into the water.
It came up to her knees.
Then up to her waist.
She held her own and kept going,
she could see her daddy with his arms open for her to come to him.

And then...

With the ocean as unpredictable as it is,
a big wave came rushing toward her,
I saw it coming,
Superman saw it coming,
I ran to try to grab her before the wave did,
but got there too late.

The force of the wave tossed her into a backward sommer salt.
I caught her mid sommer.

She had sand and salt mixed into her hair, mouth, and eyes.
But she didn't cry.

She turned to her daddy and exclaimed,

"It's spicy"


The Mecham Family said...

It's spicy!? hahahaha

Dan/Kealy said...

Ok, Fenix has the CUTEST swimsuit! I love it!! And I'm glad you all had fun in California :) That beach looks so nice.