Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out to Africa...

What can I say,
I like to brag about this :D

Way back in March or April Superman say's to me:
I have an opportunity to go to Africa.
I said,
Sweet, you should go!
Then I said with a bit of a pout,
I want to go to.
He said,
You can, oh wait you can't, you are pregnant.
I was like,
Then I was like,
Woohooo, you are going to Africa!!  That is so cool!!!
And then I lost the baby....

But in reality, even if I weren't pregnant, I don't think I would have really been able to go...
But it makes for a better story ;)

So we started to plan.
At first he was to go with a group in July,
fortunately his plans changed to go with a group in August because his little sister got married in July and he really did not want to miss that :D

So it's August, after months of planning, and a lot of shots;
Superman is on his way.
Day one he flew to Washington DC.
He left bright (well it was actually dark) and early Tuesday morning, 
and made it to DC by the afternoon.
Which gave him all evening to explore the city.
Which he did.

Today he is flying to Adis Ababa, Ethiopia.
It's going to be a long flight.
And he doesn't have a cushy bed to sleep in when he gets there.
But he should be able to explore the city before they head down to Kenya.

I am so excited for his opportunity.
He is going to help build a health clinic in a small village outside of Mambosa.
Since Superman and I met we have always had goals to help other people.
We've talked countless times of doing just exactly what he is doing now.
While I am sad that I didn't get to go with him,
I know that in the future there will be more opportunities.
I am confident of it.
Because like I've said before,
when Superman decides to do something there is no stopping him.
I'm so proud of him!

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Dan/Kealy said...

Yay for Africa! I'm excited to hear all about it :)