Friday, August 5, 2011

Death and all her friends...

Conversations at the breakfast table in my house are always interesting.
Yesterday morning, Lyon brought up death.
Out of nowhere he says to me:
"I don't want our whole family to die"
Bear pipes in:
"We all have to die someday Lyon"
I was like:
"Lyon, why are you worried about our family dying?"
He was like:
"My friend told me."
I was like:
"What friend?"
He was like:
"That boy."


Well I don't know who in the world Lyon has been talking too, but uhhhh okay....

So I spend the whole morning talking to Lyon about death.
Explaining to him what would happen if we should die.
I told him about the spirit world, and he worried about getting our bodies back on.
I told him more about the spirit world, and he worried about leaving his toys.
I told him that death isn't scary.
I told him about how he would get to go to daycare during the day if either mommy or daddy died.
I think maybe I made it sound a little too good, lol!
Because Lyon got really excited about daycare, lol!
Bear told me he'd want to go live with his friends if both me and Superman died.

Yep, such fun conversations in the morning.

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