Monday, September 12, 2011

127 hours...

One hundred and twenty seven hours.
Have you seen this movie?
I watched it this week.
Yes it is rated "R" and normally I would never watch a movie with such a rating...
But I couldn't resist this one...
I was pretty sure that rating would have more to do with "F" words than anything too terrible to watch.
I don't find hacking off an arm too terrible to watch...
Should that concern me...
 The part of him trying to drink his urine had me gagging, so I must not be that crazy....

So 127 hours was interesting.
It was a horrifying story,
but also strangely uplifting.
I mean if this guy can survive 127 hours with his arm crushed between a rock and a hard place,
what can humans not do?

(Hardly the worst thing humanly imaginable, but bear with me...)

I watched 127 hours completely fascinated by the goings on.
I could relate to the happy "high" and "fly" 
the guy seemed to be going through at the beginning of the movie, 
before he fell and got his arm stuck.
I could relate to the fall while he was mid climb.
I could relate to being stuck for 127 hours (5 days).
I could relate to trying to find a comfortable way to sleep.
I could relate to the lack of water.
I could relate when he broke his arm.
 I could kind of relate when he had to hack off his arm.
I shouldn't be able to, but I know just exactly how hard it can be to cut through your own skin....
Even with a sharp knife...
I could relate to that feeling of relief he seemed to have when he was finally "free".
And now I am relating to the long drop he found himself at and had to repel down.
I can relate to the hike on lonely trails searching for somebody, anybody to help.
I can even relate to him struggling to cry out for help when he finally does see somebody.

I was emotionally exhausted after watching 127 hours.
Did you watch it?
What did you think?

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Shannon and Doug said...

good to know. I was wondering if that movies was any good :) I will watch it on clear play- Have you tried clear play? I get to watch a lot of movies that I otherwise wouldn't. It's great. :)