Monday, September 12, 2011

My mothers tribute to her mother

My mother wrote the following tribute to her mother:

"It should not be that difficult to write a tribute about mother, that is if you are a clever writer. That’s the problem…’s really difficult to put into words the feelings and emotions I want to express. It is easier to procrastinate. But here goes from my heart.
Mom was a singing mother, literally. She sang with the singing mothers in the relief society and she sang at home. She often broke out in little songs and ditties at home and especially on car trips, we would sing to pass the time. She also danced. It wasn’t unusual for her to break out in a little tap dance in the kitchen. Mom said she loved dancing, and dance her whole life. 
She was dancing at the church aerobics class shortly before she died.

Mother was always involved is some business venture, and she was successful. The scripture describing a virtuous woman comes to mind. Mother was a virtuous woman. She worked hard to keep the house a happy place, assisted with the finances with her business ventures; she taught her children the gospel. She served in the church and helped the poor and needy without drawing attention to herself. She was a faithful visiting teacher. I tagged along many times. She was talented and very creative. She sewed, made quilts, arranged flowers, and wrapped beautiful packages with lovely bows. 
She was tender and affectionate.

Mother loved family. 
She was very much in love with dad and always supported him and kept the romance alive. 
She loved her parents and siblings. 
She set an example of valuing family and seeing the best in them. 
With a supportive husband, all our trips usually included visiting relatives. 
 Mother loved and adored her children and grandchildren. 
She was often showing off pictures and talking about their accomplishments. 
There is no doubt she knew about many imperfections about family members, 
but she said very little about that and focused on her love for them. 
I grew up thinking the Sorensons, her family, walked on water, 
but it turns out they were as human as the rests of us. 
She was able to forgive. 
She instilled this love in me.

Mother was talkative, open and friendly. 
She had a good sense of humor and often smiled and laughed. 
She always stayed on a high plane…..never vulgar, never using foul language. 
She always sought after the uplifting, the beautiful. 
Mother was also sober and serious and deep.
My mother instilled in me love and trust for my Heavenly Father and Jesus. 
I knew she had a sound testimony of the gospel. 
I am grateful for her example and teaching. 
This has sustained me my whole life.
She was full of life and did not want to die, 
and she did not taste of the sorrow of death because she died in the Lord, 
she died in peace. 
Her heart was beginning to turn and yearn to be reunited with family and loved ones that had gone on. 

My mom was truly a Queen."

-Cathleen Robbins

That's my Grandmother on the left, me on the right.
Isn't my grandmother gorgeous!!!
I always wanted to look like she did.
I don't.
But if I could just do my hair like hers...

I never knew my grandmother here on this earth.
I am sure we were best buds up in Heaven though, before I was born and after she died.
We probably hung out all the time in the "in between".
I just can't remember it.
I'm glad for the memories of others that let me get to know her a bit better than I could other wise....


Shannon and Doug said...

that's sweet. :) And I remember that picture sitting on your piano. I always thought you looked like her.

Vanessa said...

oh sweet rose! you must be joking, you totally look like her. you hot thing you!

-vanessa brown