Monday, September 12, 2011


I was asked today,
and I am asked this ALL OF THE TIME;

If I had another baby what would his/her name be?

Well I have thought very long and hard about the answer to this question.
Because as you ought to know by now I was supposed to be having another baby in November...
Supposed to be....

I am not going to say we'll never have another baby,
because, well, if nature had it's way we probably would.
So until it is made naturally impossible,
I will try really hard to never say never...

So way back in April I made name plans.

Were we to have a girl her name 
(as far as I had decided, I never got a go ahead from Phil about either name,
 and I changed Fenix's name to Fenix at the last minute 
so I may have just ended up changing my mind....)
would have been:

Robbin Ellen Graves

Robbin naturally.
A bird of course,
and my maiden name, sorta.
Ellen, because that is my middle name.
And well obviously Graves comes next....

Now for a boy it was a little bit more interesting.

Fox Michael Graves

I was certain we were going to have another little boy...
I still see him out of the corner of my eye sometimes...
Is that weird...

 Fox was the only name that ever sounded right to me for another baby boy.
Baby bears, lions, and foxes all are called cubs....
I totally would have needed to have another cub.

Now as I explained along with Bear and Lyon's names,
 with our boys names they are supposed to be subtly funny.

Fox Graves,
as far as I know,
isn't subtly funny.


Michael for a middle name is a story all its own.

I have an uncle Mike.
Phil has an uncle Mike.
I have two sisters who married men named Michael.
They each have a son named after their husbands.
So two nephews named Michael.
Plus I have a cousin named Michael...
(Phil, remind me if I've left anyone out...)
So many Michaels...
This has been something Phil and I have laughed about for years.
We love it!!!

So when we were talking about names,
we joked about naming a boy Michael.

My doctor, who would have delivered our baby, his name is Michael!!!
I laughed and laughed about this,
exclaiming to Phil that we had the perfect opportunity to have a Michael!
We had someone to name him after!
Obviously Michael wouldn't work for a first name,
but a second name, 

It'd be something to smile about every time we called his name.
Subtly funny.
When the kid gets in trouble and you call out his name,
its always the first and middle name when they are in trouble,


I'd smile every time...
and it's hard to be mad when you are smiling...


Shannon and Doug said...

k i love the name fox- it reminds me of fox moulder from x-files and i love that show! and i remember suggesting robbin! haha it fits! well better get busy and have that baby!!!

Vanessa said...

oooh I love both names fox and robbin. those are good picks :)

Steph & Aaron said...

you did forget a michael, phil has an uncle michael on both sides :) haha!

The Mecham Family said...

Oh my gosh...when i read Fox... I really did think that it just fits! Like he's the missing one... I'm not counting you out yet on another baby... ;)
Love ya!

Dan/Kealy said...

This was a fun post to read. I love hearing about how you decide on your kids' names :)