Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reality bites...

When I left the hospital I felt good.
Then I got home...

That's when reality hit.
Everything that I'd missed while I was in the hospital.
Everything I didn't have to worry about when I was in the hospital.
It all came flying right back into my face.

I was blessed to come home to a well tended to
and husband.

I was blessed to have Grandma and Auntie Stephanie there to help ease the blow.
They tended to my children.
Stephanie had tended to them the entire time I was gone.
She is AMAZING!!!!

Now things are basically back to "normal".
Except for weekly doctor and therapy appointments which would make things impossible if I didn't have such an amazingly wonderful Sister in law, Auntie Stephanie who is so willing to 
take care of Lyon and Fenix while I tend to my appointments.

With things back to "normal" I still struggle.
I use the tricks I've learned from my therapist.
I break my tasks down into baby steps.
I step back from life and look at it rationally.
I write down my feelings and figure them out.

But I still struggle.

Life is hard.


If I am going to live my life,
then I have to live my life,
and all that that implies.



The Clark Family said...

So, this doesn't apply to your post, but I think I own the same dress you are wearing in your profile picture.. :-)

Steph & Aaron said...

:) i do what i can.

Vanessa said...

Yes! Your sweet babies are #1 boogers and poo and all. They HAVE TO have their mama. Just must.