Friday, September 9, 2011

Five day's in the psych ward... Day four, that night...

After Phil left on Sunday night I was given my sleeping pill.
I wanted to see if I would remember anything from that night the next morning.
So I got ready for bed and then went out to the common room where my friend
in her thirties,
and in her twenties,
were hanging out.

From what I can gather;

I sat down next to them,
placed my hands one on each side of my lap,
looked down and told them.

"Someone needs to do something funny so we can see if I remember it tomorrow"
They of course knew I had taken a sleeping pill.

And they were willing to experiment.
I mean we were all crazy being in the psych ward and all,
so why not show it ;)

So the girl in her twenties gets up, goes over to the table, stands up on a chair
and puts one foot up on the table.
Posing as Captain Morgan.

As an LDS girl having never had a drink of beer in my life,
I didn't get it.
Until much later.

Next I stood up and my friends got me to throw the little nerf football at the nurses office window.
I kept throwing and missing.

I was very tipsy.

I think I finally hit the window because a nurse came out and I went and hid behind a chair.
My friends told her I was to blame, but she didn't believe them.
I was far too innocent looking crouched there behind the chair with the look of an angel on my face.
She went back in and I think I went back to throwing the football...
Then I went and gazed in the same window for a very long time.
Just gazing.
Awkwardly innocently watching.

Later the girl in her twenties had the idea to use her blanket to drape over the tables chairs like a tent.
We all three hudled underneath.
I am sure that was a sight for the nurse who came back out and peered down at us three
crazy girls all wearing glasses and hiding under a make shift blanket tent.
The nurse told me I had to go to bed.
She stood me up and marched me to my room.
I didn't want to go, but did, albeit very unsteadily.

I only remember bits and pieces of this,
the rest my friends, the techs, and nurses filled me in on the next morning.
Much to my delight, confusion, and surprise.

So if I am ever outside gardening naked or some other such nonsense,
please don't judge...
I'm probably just a bit loopy.
But don't worry, I've made Superman promise he won't allow that.

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