Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to get kids to take their medicine...

For the last week my daughter has been on an antibiotic.
It has been really difficult to get her to take it as I am sure you can imagine.
Since she wouldn't just voluntarily open her mouth and gulp it down,
we've had to be creative in coming up with ways to get her to take it without spitting it out.

Superman tried calling it "Dora candy".
Fenix hesitated, but did take it.
That only worked once.
I tried calling it "Scooby-doo milk" (the medicine is white)
That only worked once.
I finally resorted to pinning her down and plugging her nose, 
and squirting the medicine into the side of her cheek.
Yes this works,
but it's traumatic for both of us :(

So yesterday I got really sick of struggling with her.
With my smashed bleeding fingers,
my own sore throat, head ache, exhaustion, etc...
I just couldn't fight with her anymore.

I stood with the syringe full of medicine 
looking at her lapping up the boogers that oozed out of her nose.
Your kids do it too, admit it!!!

As I tried to get the medicine in her mouth a bit got onto her mouth.
She stuck out her tongue and licked it off.

"Mmmmmm," I said, "boogy candy!"


Calling the stuff boogy candy got her to smile,
open her mouth and drink the medicine on down.

The kid likes her boogers,
what can I say...


The Mecham Family said...

So funny... but I think i did gag a little.. hahaha

Heather Davies said...

haha, hope that works tomorrow, too! Hey--whatever it takes, right?!!