Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well I did it!
I signed Lyon up for pre-school. 
 I was hesitant to do so because I know that I can teach him myself like I taught Bear. 
 But I haven't been doing it.
 I have been to out of my mind to do most of the things I say I'm going to....
So I talked myself into professional help with pre-school. 
 I talked with my neighbor for suggestions, and she told me about a great pre-school. 
 So I some how found the courage to call the teacher, Mrs. Amber.
(I know that really shouldn't be so hard, but for me it is) 
She is so sweet and fun. 
 Lyon was soooooo excited to start. 
His first day I walked him to school, he rode his bike. 

 It was absolutely freezing cold, but we walked anyway. 
 It took forever, but we did finally make it. 

 Lyon ran right in with hardly a pause to let me take a picture of him. 

 I'm so relieved that he liked it so much. 
 I was worried he wouldn't want to go w/o me. 
 He doesn't like going places, 
most of the time he throws a fit when it's time to go anywhere because he just wants 
"to stay home with mommy"
But he was happy to go to school!

Fenix wanted to go too, she wanted to go with her Lyon. 
 She'd brought her own back pack and was hustling after him. 
 Poor girl started bawling when I stopped her and told her she didn't get to go yet. 
 She cried most of the way home. 

 Such silly kids, 
Lyon did the same thing when we dropped Bear off for kindergarten, lol!

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