Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well I am pretty sure my brain is no longer completely intact.
I keep forgetting things.
Things that I really shouldn't be forgetting...
I know that at some point or another forgetfulness happens to everyone,
but the level at which it has been happening to me is getting to be concerning to me, lol!

I forgot who I was writing a check out to today and wrote it out to the wrong person.
I keep forgetting about appointments I've made.
I often can't quite remember events, or if a certain event even happened, or if I just dreamed it.

I keep remembering stories that I've heard,
but I cannot seem to remember why the story was told or who told it.

This story for example:

"It's like when you buy a new car.
You never noticed that particular make of vehicle on the road before you bought it.
But now that you have it, it seems you see the same make of car everywhere you go."

I remember hearing this story,
but I cannot remember who told it or what they were using it as an example for...
I also can't remember if someone actually told me this story or if they told it to someone else,
or maybe it was part of a dream....

I often cannot remember what I've eaten during the day,
I can't remember what I wore yesterday,
If there were an investigation of some sort or another and detectives were at my door asking me where I was last Thursday at 6:30pm, they'd get a blank stare from me.

Of course, can anyone really remember stuff like that?

So far I can still remember my name,
my husbands name,
my children's names,
and where I live.
Though a few weeks ago I did get lost while out for a run.....
And sometimes it takes me a minute to spit out the right name for the child I am referring to.
And if you are my friend chances are pretty good that I have called you the wrong name too,
or completely drawn a blank when trying to say your name.

Now I'm wondering if I've written this post before but forgot...

I can't remember most of the stuff I write, lol!
Now I'm wondering what else I've forgotten...

Maybe my brain is just working to forget all the crappy stuff from this year,
and only remember the good stuff...

If that be the case I'll take it :)

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Taylor said...

I feel like my brain has been in a constant star of ” fog” lately.. So, its not just you...