Thursday, December 1, 2011

Activity central...

I am almost always busy at my house.
I wish I was busy doing something interesting,
but I'm usually just busy cleaning.
And that is a really sucky kind of busy.

This week I've been trying really really hard to take time out of my busy cleaning day to spend time with Lyon and Fenix.

Bear is at school, 
and they get really bored after an hour of 
alternating between pestering and playing with each other.

So on Monday when they begged me to do school time with them, I took a deep breath in told them okay.
When we do school time I have a kid stand on a balance board 
(which is why they love school time so much) 
and then go through flashcards of numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc...

It's been a while since the last time we did this,
and I was completely and totally shocked at how well 
Lyon and Fenix know their letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

Last week Lyon surprised me and wrote his name on a chalk board.
Fenix draws circles on everything.

What the heck!

When did my children learn these things?
How did I miss that they are getting so smart?

I don't know the answers.
But I'm not complaining, lol!

It makes me want to do school time more often with them so I don't miss out on seeing them learn more, and it makes me want to put Lyon in pre-school that much more so he can learn that much more :D

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