Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yesterday we went swimming in the ocean. The beach is covered in lava rock and stuff. It is surprisingly sharp. I didn't think that my feet had gotten cut, even when my big toe started to sting. I tried to look and see if it was bleeding it didn't look like it. I started to wonder if I'd been stung by a jelly fish, lol! It wasn't until we went back onto the beach that we could see our feet were bleeding. Fortunately the cuts aren't to bad, and we were happy to stay and play on the beach for while. We sat on the sand and let the sun warm us up as I was freezing cold, after being in the water for at least a half hour.
Once I warmed up I went exploring the little tide pools, I found one small one that was a nice and circular. I reached my arm all the way to the bottom to grab some sand and pieces of coral. They were pretty so I brought them over to Superman and then he came with me back to the tide pool. I reach in for another handful and when I brought my hand out I saw I'd grabbed a sand coral, and a BABY CRAB!!! It was tiny, and white, it may not have been a baby, but it looked like one. Lol, it was so cute and would curl up tight next to the rocks in my hand. I held it for a bit before going to put it back where I got it, before I could get it home, it jumped from my hand into a pocket sized pool and curled up tight into a crevice where I couldn't get it. I felt bad that I took it from its home. It was really neat though and I can't wait to go snorkeling and get a good clear look in the deeper parts of the water.

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