Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tide pools

We have been having such an amazing time in Hawaii! I am loving the humidity, the heat, the sun, the clouds, the waves! This morning Phil and I went out to the beach that our condo sits right next to. It's full of rock and coral, etc. we watched as the sun rose up behind us bringing sparkle to the water. So pretty! Phil saw a group of people gathered on the beach and realized there was a seal over there. Of course we walked over to take pictures and video. We stood watching for a few minutes until some man (local I think) came up behind all of us and yelled at us to leave the seal alone. I didn't realize we were bothering the seal, if so it was innocently done. I didn't think it warranted being yelled at, lol! I really think he ought to have come and stood in front of the group of people and kindly asked us to give the seal more space...... But whatever, it was cool to see the seal, I'm so glad Superman found this condo, it is awesome!!!! :D

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