Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Practice, practice, practice...

So I signed up for tennis lessons.
Something I've actually been wanting to do since I was a teenager and never had the confidence or the money to follow through and do it...
Not that I've really got those things now, 
in fact I could even easily say I don't have the time to take tennis lessons now, lol!
I suppose one can always find an excuse for not doing something,
but when you want something bad enough you'll find away around any excuse there is.

So I signed up for tennis lessons.
I saw that I could sign Bear up and thought it would be good for him to learn the basics.
So we signed up together.
Bear would be going to the children's class, I'd be going to the adult class.
The children's classes were held at 8AM.
The adult classes were held at 7AM.
Nothing to balk at when you are used to getting up even earlier than this,
like Superman is,
but I am not used to getting up that early and struggle to wake-up in the morning.
But like I said you can always make excuses to not do something.
I figured that if I really wanted to learn to play tennis, 
I'd get out of bed no matter how much I wanted more sleep.
And lo and behold I have been!

So we've made it to tennis lessons.
Bear has finished his two week's worth of lessons,
and I have two weeks more.
We've been having a lot of fun with it.
I never appreciated how much of tennis is about technique and form.
How the smallest adjustments to how you hold the tennis racket can result in huge direction change, height, and speed that the tennis ball will take.
I had no idea how frustrating just throwing the ball up in the air, in just the right way so that one can serve it over the net and into just the right area, could be. 
I had no idea that Bear would be so much better at doing all these things than I am.
Alright I had an inkling, Bear is such a natural when it comes to all things sports. :)

I've found that the only way that I can improve and actually play this sport like I want to,
is to practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more.

Even a few days of not playing or practicing my swings and serves leaves me struggling to figure out how to get my form, strokes, and throws just right again.

The thing about practicing is, it's fun.
Surprisingly fun!
There is just something so unbelievably satisfying about hitting the ball just right.
The swish the racket makes as it glides perfectly through the air,
the arousing thunk as the ball bounces off the tight strings,
sailing through the air to either hit the ground just out of an opponents reach.
Or to come speeding right back at you for another kiss on your own racket.

Yep, playing tennis is really fun, but more so when I've been practicing :D

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The Mecham Family said...

we should play some night- but fair warning... I stink. lol