Thursday, November 19, 2009

And the letter goes out to....

Dear Stephanie
What Happened!!!???
And When!!!???
We herd from Nate.   Okay no, Phil herd from Nate I herd from Phil  :(
I am so, so, so, so ,so, sorry!!!
I talked to Bear.  He has no idea what happened and that kid has a very good memory. We made you a card.  It is sitting on our counter.
Am I correct in assuming that is what the frowny face on facebook was about :( ?
Again I am so so so so so sorry!
Will you please forgive us?!

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Stephanie said...

so here's the story. bear and i were watching 101 dalmations and he stood up on the couch and jumped up, like he wanted me to catch him in my arms. however, i didnt know he was going to jump on me until after he was coming down and by the time i realized it i looked up and his chin or forehead or head or something hard hit the right side of my nose and there was this very loud crack. immediately i thought i had a bloody nose because thats what it felt like, but there was no blood. i just sat there in pain and bear was like "sorry stephanie, sorry" over and over again. i said nothing to him because my nose hurt way too much and i didnt want to start bawling. i sat there for probably 15-20 minutes after it had happened before i left. i was refraining from crying because what was i supposed to say? "hey um bear just broke my nose so im leaving now..." haha. as soon as i got home and told dad and ben what happened i started bawling.
anyways, i went to the doctor yesterday and it is not broken and it should heal just fine, with some bruising. dont worry i am not mad at all. it was a total accident. i was just in a lot of pain and probably some shock about what had just happened.
there are no hard feelings :) i know bear wouldn't have hurt me on purpose. i still love all of you guys!