Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doctor, doctor!! C&V repost...

A few years ago I wrote a post on my Carrots and Vinegar blog about going to the doctor.
I was thinking about it last week and had to re-read it and now I just have to post it here...

I am not a big fan of going to the doctor. 
 Don’t get me wrong, 
I think its important to go for yearly exams and blood tests to be sure you are healthy and all. 
 I do not think its important to go to the doctor for 
every single little thing. 
 I won’t go to the doctor if I have a mild cold 
or even a severe one actually. 
 I won’t go to the doctor if I have the flu, 
unless of course I become severely dehydrated 
and its necessary to go to the ER... 
...so I don’t die. 
 I won’t go to the doctor for anything less than 
potentially fatal, 
or somewhere along those lines. 
 I recently found an instance where it was necessary. 
 I am not going to go into the details for the visit, 
I just thought that the doctor said something interesting. 
 The doctor was looking at my history and noted out loud that, 
I must be pretty healthy because I hadn’t been in for many appointments in the last few years. 
 I was a bit shocked that that was noticed and brought up. 
 How often do people go in for appointments 
that the doctor would note that they must not be healthy due to the high amount of visits. 
 I wonder, 
had I gone in for a doctor appointment each time I got a sniffle or a sneeze or a little indigestion, 
would the doctor have thought differently of me, 
would the doctor have not taken me seriously? 

When I read it over again I laughed and laughed...
This year alone I have probably been to the doctors office for more health related issues
than I have collectively through out my whole life.
(Not including pre natal appointments)
I'm thinking there is certainly something to learn from nearly weekly doctor visits this year...

...I simply cannot judge others for seeking medical aide when they have a sniffle.
Sometimes a sniffle is annoying enough to be life threatening.
I went in for "pink eye" last week.
I've NEVER gone in for something that little and stupid before,
but in my current state of mind,
there was no way I was going to put up with "pink eye" for longer than I had to.
All good now by the way ;D
And huge plus,
my kids didn't get it.
Huge surprise there,
I usually get it from them!
So my point is,
we all need perspective,
sometimes we can get it from others,
sometimes we don't,
so we are doomed to experience for ourselves.
Learn from others or learn from yourself.
I guess either way it makes life interesting ;D

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