Monday, September 26, 2011

Hiding places...

My kids love playing hide n'seek.
They beg to play it all of the time!
I can understand that.
When we play hide n'seek no where in the house is off limits.
They can hide in the showers,
they can hide under the beds,
they can hide in the closets,
the cupboards,
under tables,
under chairs,
Fenix's favorite hiding spot,
the linen closet shelf.

Fenix begs to play hide n'seek,
tells me where she is going to hide,
has me help her hide there,
then  insists I go count and then come find her.

Lyon likes to hide in the same spots throughout the same games.
Sometimes it is under a pile of clean laundry,
sometimes it is under a laundry basket,
sometimes it is in the middle of the living room under a blanket.
Lyon likes to tell you where to hide and then come find you.

Bear likes to be the very last one to be found.
He usually succeeds...
He doesn't really like to be the seeker.

I don't blame them for liking this game.
They get to go where they want,
they get to be the boss when it's their turn,
the seeker is always thrilled to find the hider,
and everybody gets a lot of attention.

And who doesn't like to go where they want,
to be the boss,
to have someone thrilled to see them,
to get a lot of attention...

We all ought to play more often ;D


The Mecham Family said...

You're such a good mama to play with them! i need to play that with my kids... maybe for FHE tonight :)

Vanessa said...

Ok that is pretty awesome!!