Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Out of Africa...

Superman came home from Africa over a month ago.
He of course came bearing gifts.
Most of which are hand carved wood sculptures.
They are all amazing works of art.
He even had a bear and a phoenix bird specially carved to go with the lion he got.
They are all very cool.
I must say though that I have a favorite.
I kind of got to shop for this one with Superman via Skype.

We were video talking and I don't even remember where he was...
...the airport maybe...
Anyway he is in this store with a whole bunch of wood carvings,
 he picks one in particular up and shows it to me asking,

"Should I get this one?"

My initial reaction was,

"Gross NO"

Of coures you must understand that my view was not very clear at all.
I may as well have not been wearing my glasses.
It looked a lot dirtier to me than it actually is....

But being me, 
after thinking about it for a second I told him that actually I wanted 
that particular carving.

He got it for me.

I like to tease him and tell him it is a fertility statue...

It is proudly displayed in my kitchen...

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