Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stupid or what?

I was sitting on my front porch...
The sun was low in the sky,
the kids played,
riding their bikes and scooters,
climbing the tree,
drawing with sidewalk chalk,
running around and laughing...

As I sat on my porch I noticed a caterpillar.
First of all, 
I hate caterpillars, hebegebe's, bleh...

So there was this caterpillar.
Climbing up the side of a cement wall.
It'd struggle in its weird wiggly way climbing up the wall,
it'd get half way up and then fall.

Okay, if I were trying to climb up a cement wall and fell,
I probably wouldn't be getting back up and trying again...

This stupid caterpillar didn't even stop after it fell.
It'd get right back up to that wall and start climbing again.
I sat and watched the caterpillar as it repeatedly tried and felled.
Over and over again.
I started to think,
"Stupid caterpillar just quit already..."
But it just wouldn't.

I left my porch to tend to one child or another and when I returned,
the caterpillar had made it to the top!

I was surprised.
The caterpillar had succeeded...

Of course impossible things are possible,
I guess that stupid caterpillar wasn't stupid after all...


I don't know what to call it,
but I'll give that caterpillar credit for not giving up.

green caterpillar
I'll try to keep it in mind the next time I just want to quit already :/


Briann said...

wow what a determined little guy! I guess it goes to show that even bugs can teach us something! Who knew it would be life lessons

The Mecham Family said...

great post